EWW The Avengers
8 months ago
Todd Hayes
Todd Hayes 11 hours ago
Funny my daughter suggested this movie a month and ago and here you are sinning it lol. Irony.
lol ok
lol ok 11 hours ago
Cinemasins why are u hating on DC u should be hating on MARVEL.
Cracker Jack
Cracker Jack 11 hours ago
There is no such term as quadrating vector angles in aviation
The Player Profiler
The Player Profiler 11 hours ago
So not the marx brothers movie... thats a definite sin
Emanuele Fiadone
Emanuele Fiadone 11 hours ago
Plushblue EP
Plushblue EP 11 hours ago
0:17 Guess someone took “I before E except after C” too seriously.
Tyler Adams. Hope you’re well.
Tyler Adams. Hope you’re well. 11 hours ago
3:02 there is outside of Seattle and outside the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis. This is causation for a removal of sin.
Brian Shaff
Brian Shaff 11 hours ago
at 10:47 his antena apears ?
The Reebstir
The Reebstir 11 hours ago
Eh, I never really liked animal crackers, they were to sweet.
Vinícius Fernandes
Vinícius Fernandes 11 hours ago
This movie is such a guilty pleasure for me.
Mysterious Sunshine
Mysterious Sunshine 11 hours ago
9:47 You can find this Secretary in Big Hero 6
Plushblue EP
Plushblue EP 11 hours ago
1:40-1:43 This sin makes me laugh.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 11 hours ago
I just saw this movie yesterday for the 1st time and I still dont know how or why she got to a school
The King of weirdos
The King of weirdos 11 hours ago
Funny thing is that this used to be my favorite superhero movie when I was little
Carol T
Carol T 12 hours ago
I mean to be honest you can see theEiffel tower from anywhere in paris
A Person
A Person 12 hours ago
0:44 Horses were made by the sea god, Posiden, In greek mythology.
Elmo the demon
Elmo the demon 12 hours ago
You shut up The Croods is a good movie
Davon Stevens
Davon Stevens 12 hours ago
This movie was so bad. Straight disrespect to DBZ. But, because it was so bad, it brought us Draggon ball super so I’m thankful for it
Jim B.
Jim B. 12 hours ago
*Sin "Bill & Ted Face the Music!"*
Parkdum 12 hours ago
i'm so happy y'all covered my favorite movie. thank god it didn't get above 120 sins.
Joshua pere
Joshua pere 12 hours ago
Pls don't say Holy shit man, or even Goddamn 😔
Mr. Snowman290
Mr. Snowman290 12 hours ago
The song Gal and Chris dance to is sung by Edith Piaf who wouldn't have been born until after WW1 had ended.
techian Nation
techian Nation 12 hours ago
Logan_FALSEHOOD _sanders
Logan_FALSEHOOD _sanders 12 hours ago
Idk if y’all have already done this movie but can you do Daniel isnt real?
Tyler Bergen
Tyler Bergen 12 hours ago
Your imitation of Pink Floyd reminded me why I dislike then so much. It’s like Queen...totally baffling to me why people are so in love with them. I love my music of the 70’s/80’s (of which the latter I grew up listening to), but both bands are hugely overrated. Queen is meh, they’re like the AC/DC of their genre...generic as all hell and overplayed. Pink Floyd being experimental wasn’t fun or cool it was annoying and made you want to change the track; that is until you realize it’s all experimental garbage.
Simon King
Simon King 12 hours ago
4:39 you missed the third watch break
Doc Lewis
Doc Lewis 12 hours ago
"I'm scared." - Little Girl "Of what?" - Dad "Global economic collapse." - CinemaSins
Alli M.
Alli M. 12 hours ago
I’m sinning cinema sins for saying they are taking 10 sins off and then adding 19 sins, then telling us that it’s plus 9 sins, as if we can’t due to basic mathematics.
Lavasaurus 12 hours ago
Put every copy of this movie in the loser lounge
Oofy Dodo
Oofy Dodo 12 hours ago
aren't gonna talk that Owen asked for human biscuits,even tho biscuits taste like what their form resembles
Verlon Murray
Verlon Murray 12 hours ago
This guy forgot the difference between “sinning” and “nitpicking because I love the sound of my own voice” several dozen videos ago. These are hard to watch now, they’re supposed to be entertaining.
Ennard 12 hours ago
4:59 I’m going to design an emoji that is literally this
Spruce Kibbles58
Spruce Kibbles58 12 hours ago
8:30 That,looks like a decent Turkey
TØXIC Animations
TØXIC Animations 12 hours ago
How Fucking Dare you sin this. Im beyond angry, im disappointed.
Flozy Geeko
Flozy Geeko 12 hours ago
okay, jokes apart, I am french and the way the dubbers speak in this is killing me. This is so accurate, and it amazes me that during the whole movie you hear people talking in bad English. I love it
Frank Fisher
Frank Fisher 12 hours ago
I object to this title
Carlos Mattessich
Carlos Mattessich 12 hours ago
Damn now I want to go to Paris, Sierra Leone.
Justin Bakshi
Justin Bakshi 12 hours ago
Why does everyone hate oatmeal raisin cookies they’re really good
Noah Cabrestante
Noah Cabrestante 12 hours ago
The companies weren't the villain, the customers were. If you go back, the customers hated the thneed, when someone tried it, they asked for lots of it, causing the deforestation. Also, the company hadn't replaced the trees which would've kept the forest, that's what companies do today, they can plant around 4M trees a day combined. The air is a placebo, that's why the people are happily dancing around with no problem, and if it weren't a placebo, humans need more than a dozen of liters of oxygen a day, so they'd survive. Nobody really understands the real story Edit: the reason audrey wants a tree is because she wants it for display, nowhere in the movie she specifically says that it's for the environment
Morbidmegz 12 hours ago
*donald trump is in this movie* CinemaSins: SKIP!
Loganator356 12 hours ago
Do Christmas with the Kranks! We haven't seen you do that yet!
Spruce Kibbles58
Spruce Kibbles58 12 hours ago
Justin Likewise
Justin Likewise 12 hours ago
Stop lying. You have never had a girlfriend.
Spruce Kibbles58
Spruce Kibbles58 12 hours ago
6:45 I heard at least 4 "ucks" in the sentence
uosdwiSrdewoH 12 hours ago
I love this movie. Even more than the book. But everytime Kristen Wiig pops on screen it rips me right out of the movie. Who invited her to the satellite control room when they first discover Mark is still alive? What purpose does she ever really serve that someone else could not have done? All her appearances feel forced. The one downside of an otherwise amazing movie.
Donnie Brookins
Donnie Brookins 12 hours ago
Why did you bother to watch it? Idiot
Sage The Starfish
Sage The Starfish 12 hours ago
ok, adding 20 sins randomly is unfair
Jono Fancett
Jono Fancett 12 hours ago
Sun the fact that despite the candle being directly in front of mulan's dad, it casts a shadow of him to the side
Ritesh Singh
Ritesh Singh 12 hours ago
usposts.info/vision/jNzet7HRapOgnaY/video -just try Th3Birdman
Snarky Mark
Snarky Mark 12 hours ago
"... his dick is as tall as she is, what were they thinking..." This after the scene where she becomes full sized using her dust.
Edgar Bedoya
Edgar Bedoya 12 hours ago
I think that was Aphrodite the goddess of love at the end not a nymph
NekoKat 12 hours ago
I’m pretty sure Mr. Seuss wouldn’t have wanted this movie
Froggy Doggy
Froggy Doggy 12 hours ago
You know this movie was supposed to be a joke right
cudak888 12 hours ago
...is not the 1930 Marx Brothers film. Ding.
Ajslye 12 hours ago
The joker's real name is Jack Napier. He started out as a small time crook called the Red Hood: One night Red Hood planned to rob ACE Chemicals but shockingly Batman showed to stop him and he raced up a flight of stairs onto an observation platform that over sore a vat of toxic chemicals.
allan estuardo rodriguez lopez
allan estuardo rodriguez lopez 12 hours ago
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Killakilua 12 hours ago
I love Osmosis Jones. It's my favorite Bill Murrey movie. Show me why I have questionable taste.
Gabriel Bertolaci
Gabriel Bertolaci 12 hours ago
the acting, direting, cinematography are good, but i didn't like the movie much
Just A Fan
Just A Fan 12 hours ago
Am I the only person who is scared of these things? Miss piggy scared me as a kid.
Jace Wilson
Jace Wilson 13 hours ago
Roll tide Alabama
nicoloco9974 13 hours ago
7:37 Crazy Diamond. Nice reference.
Froggy Doggy
Froggy Doggy 13 hours ago
You can hear the struggle of him looking for cins and straight up made a cin on a joke which is kinda stupid
FlyingSquirrel03 13 hours ago
What is the music from that was played at the Horatio funeral scene and the scene where Horatio talks to Owen when he was a gorilla about family?
Jono Fancett
Jono Fancett 13 hours ago
As an audio outtake, at the end when the headless guardian throws his head around like a beach ball,you should have put the scene from dodgeball: 'hey Timmy you’re in a Chinese opium den, but instead of balls, they threw severed human heads at each other'.
Smash2099 13 hours ago
Anyone watching this sin video because of Rambo being in mortal kombat 11?
jahnabi brahma
jahnabi brahma 13 hours ago
What the fuck are you talking about I love this movie and if you are saying that this movie is bad you are the person who doesn't know what a movie is
TheProAtPUBG 2
TheProAtPUBG 2 13 hours ago
Everything wrong with zootopia: 1: everything
Mark Myjak
Mark Myjak 13 hours ago
There's big money in building offices and facilities for villains and criminal organizations.
Charles Francis
Charles Francis 13 hours ago
Never heard of this movie!
AYESHA 13 hours ago
He really called demon an ''as*holes'' 🤐🤐😂😂😂😂😂
Hiraghm 13 hours ago
Actually, back in the good old days, say... 40-50 years ago... MOST people learned to swim by either jumping or being thrown into deep water. (if you don't choose A, you get B).
Hiraghm 13 hours ago
I have successfully tried to walk on stilts; I have unsuccessfully tried to f* a tornado. Stilts are way easier.
Exotic.Clipzzz 13 hours ago
The movie not bad, it’s just ole heads crying for no reason 🚫🧢
Towerbunga 13 hours ago
Everyone who has ever watched Descendants ever is real confused whenever he says “Mal”
Hiraghm 13 hours ago
"Everyone else in this family seems mighty erudite, but this youngster displays ONLY animalistic tendencies...." Hey, everyone knows that Antifa members come from otherwise respectable, mostly civilized, middle-class families. Who are okay with it.
ilikeditbetterbefore 13 hours ago
I just came to read the angry comments of white dudes loving this glorified hallmark movie that allowed them to tear while not feeling fragile.
Samurai x 27
Samurai x 27 13 hours ago
11:39 thebridman: my thoughts on cinemasins
Hiraghm 13 hours ago
"...solve caveman racism, like the 1997 movie Volcano did for humans..." uhm... cavemen were humans. And they solved their racism problem by wiping out the Neanderthals.
Fasctastic 13 hours ago
Always watching these videos as summaries on movies I'm not 100% sure on haha
Benjamin Eisen
Benjamin Eisen 13 hours ago
Also sin for B Tannen's manure farm. This movie should not exist in the Back to the Future universe.